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Electronic waste in Uzbekistan

by | 18-11-2017 11:20 recommendations 1

The development of science and technology has created a new type of waste, which is causing serious damage to the environment - electronic waste. In Switzerland, a law was passed in 1998 that prohibits the disposal of electronic waste in the normal household waste.
  Older models of mobile phones, computers, printers, and cameras come out of their hands. In China alone, 500,000 tonnes of freezers, 1.3 million tonnes of TVs and 300,000 tonnes of computers are missing every year.
  80 % of the US and 75 % of the European Union's waste are sold to developing countries. Due to the fact that the toxic substances in them are thrown into common dumps, soil and water interfere with many living organisms, including the human body, causing diseases. According to experts, in 2015, 48.9 million tons of electronic waste were removed from the Earth.
  The waste contains hazardous compounds. There are 4 pounds of lead on each computer monitor and TV set. There are also heavy metals of up to 70% mercury and cadmium. The lead produces a cadmium lung if the nervous system and kidneys are adversely affected. Liquid crystal monitors are covered with mercury dashboards. In addition, the chromium, lithium, and hydrocarbons in them cause serious environmental damage.
  At the same time, our country has also started processing paper, metal, and plastic. In 2002, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Waste" was adopted and the main task of which is to reduce emissions of waste by the citizens' lives and health, to the harmful effects of the environment, and their rational use in economic activities. Also, as specially authorized state bodies in the field of waste management, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, agency. Given today's requirements, some specific legal requirements for waste recycling and disposal are to be further improved. In particular, it is necessary to further expand the powers of specially authorized state bodies in the field of waste disposal, to reduce the production and consumption waste, to reuse them, to create favorable conditions for entrepreneurship in these issues, to introduce the norms envisaging broad involvement of investments into the sphere. Also, it is necessary to introduce specific provisions aimed at the introduction of technology without inconsistent law, encouraging waste recycling.
  The problem of wastewater problem solves the problems of producers in the production of their products at the points of sale, reducing the number of waste recycling enterprises, installing equipment for the production of biogas in rural areas, as well as enhancing the ecological culture of the population, eliminating pollution and targeted recycling. The increase in the production of only one biogas saves the environment from contamination and solves the problem of gas supply to the population at the local level.
  It is important to improve the work of environmental public instructors along with improving the literacy and culture of the population. Similarly, the increase in the number of waste containers in the crowded areas and the imposition of administrative penalties for large-scale fines in the streets will undoubtedly lead to the cleanliness of our towns and villages, clear flow of canals and canals, min. For example, throwing rubbish in Spain by 200 euros, and removing the cigarette remains in the corridor will result in a fine of 90 euros. In Germany, immoral citizens are caught in "scrapbooks". Behind the cameras mounted on the streets will cause a fine of up to 100 euros for rubbish thrown into a special box. Paper in Sweden is about 90 Euros, while Singapore costs $ 300 to $ 1,000.

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  • says :
    must be recycle
    Posted 29-01-2018 23:40

  • says :
    must be recycle
    Posted 29-01-2018 23:40

  • Elizaveta Zaretskaya says :
    Dear Muhammad! YOur report was very interesting! Thank you for sharing!
    Posted 20-11-2017 02:22

  • Sumit Chowdhury says :
    Electronic waste can be recycled if they are managed properly. So the authorities concerned should look into this matter with great attention.
    Posted 19-11-2017 01:49

  • says :
    Hi, Muhammad! Thank you for your report on electronic waste in Uzbekistan. I thought this was a great topic because the problem of electronic waste is a ever-growing issue at the moment. The rapid advancement in technology has made electronic devices, especially smartphones, accessible to more people than ever before. Consequentially, many people purchase multiple electronic devices and dispose of them as they please. Electronic waste doesn't only account for environmental damage - throwing away electronics leads to a lot of lost resources. The precious metals included in many electronic devices are rare and limited. Overall, to protect the environment and to save our resources, proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste is desperately needed. Great work!
    Posted 18-11-2017 13:15

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