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Forest communities

by Ishimwe Eric Josue | 10-12-2017 07:18 recommendations 1

Hello Everyone greetings from Rwanda, 

Did you know that forests occupy 80% of terrestrial life! some places such as Amazone and boreal forests hold the lives of millions people. Those communities sometimes have different cultures, beliefs and their own traditions. Did you know that 1.5 millions of poor people depend on forest! The economic impact behind the forests is that, they employ more than 13 million workers informally.

The majority of those people living in the forests tend to quit their villages and communities. They are isolated by their governments due to their traditions. They move to the cities searching for educations and health services and sometimes face hardships such as human traffic, etc. Governments should take into consideration those remote areas by providing to them those social services such as education, health etc.

Most of those communities live by agricultural activities, fishing etc. however their productivity is very low due to the absence of mechanical tillage of the soil and informal agriculture. Governments should also invest in those activities in forests communities. This will boost those communities' welfare and self reliance.

    Forest community

    IshimweEric Josue

    • Rwanda Former E-gen Ambassador Ishimwe Eric Josue


    • says :
      achha hai
      Posted 29-01-2018 18:55

    Ishimwe Eric Josue

    • Elizaveta Zaretskaya says :
      Dear Ishimwe! Thank you for the interesting report! Good Luck!
      Posted 10-12-2017 16:16

    Ishimwe Eric Josue

    Aaditya Singh

    • Aaditya Singh says :
      Thank you Ishimwe for highlighting the importance of this valuable resource. Our governments must invest in development of forest communities leading to their self reliance.
      Posted 10-12-2017 07:31

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