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Climate change & Agricultural Sector in Pakistan

by Fayaz Muhammad | 18-02-2020 17:30 recommendations 0 recommendations

                        Climate change is serious threats to Pakistan. Specially agricultural sector of Pakistan is high vulnerable to climate change agricultural sector of Pakistan contribute 25% of GDP and absorbs 42% of the labour force. There are tow min seasons of crop in Pakistan one is Rabi and other is Kharif. These two seasons make Pakistan an agricultural economy its depends on whole year climate. Agriculture sector facing serious challanges from climate change such as, floods, increasing temperature, seasonal variation, drought, high rainfall event, heat waves and rising sea level may result in complete loss of agricultural land.  
                         In recently, Pakistan has experienced number of climate change events, Such as disastrous floods of 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014, in the flood of 2010 caused a loss of more than 10 billion USD to the eonomy of the country, These impacts are very certical for Pakistan. Although climate change losses in crop production are a threat to agriculture but through adaptation policy these impacts could be reduced. But our country adaptation capacity is very poor due to absence of policy. Main point is that Pakistan has not effective adaptation policy against climate change.
                          Our request to government who taken adaptation initiatives against climate change some suggestion from my side which are given blow
=》Awerness Compaign
=》Training Program for formers 
=》Form management practices 
=》Drought/ Heat resistance varieties    introduce
=》Watershed management
=》 Agricultural insurances 
=》Departmental Coordination



  • Pakistan Former E-gen Ambassador Fayaz Muhammad


Pawan Lamichhane

  • Pawan Lamichhane says :
    Valuable information.Thanks for sharing with us
    Posted 09-03-2020 23:02

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Fayaz

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about Climate change & Agricultural Sector in Pakistan

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 21-02-2020 10:46

Hyeongmin Mentor

  • Hyeongmin Mentor says :
    Hello Fayaz

    I'm sorry hear all those devastation from the disasters.
    I totally agree with your suggestions to the government initiatives.
    It will certainly make difference if some effective policies are implemented.
    I hope the situation get better in Pakistan!
    Posted 20-02-2020 21:20

Lisa Mentor

  • Lisa Mentor says :
    Hey Fayaz!
    It's your mentor Lisa.

    I love your suggestions especially the training programs and raising awareness parts. And also, I believe that these are some of the solutions that you can start as well! I think especially when it comes to agriculture, it is very important to make the persons in matter feel the need to be aware of climate change and to start changing their methods to both adjust to the changing environment and to pursue sustainability in the environment.

    Great report dear and keep it up:)
    Posted 19-02-2020 00:50

Anthony Duxell Malle

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