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Coronavirus; A blessing in disguise?

by Justice Obiri | 04-04-2020 13:58 recommendations 0 recommendations

Coronavirus; A blessing in disguise?


Over four months of an outbreak of the coronavirus and already over a million people have been affected through spread. It is really alarming considering what is happening down here in Ghana. Ghana recorded its first case in the early days of March and as at today, over 200 people have been confirmed to have tested positive for the virus with 5 deaths and a few over 30 recoveries. The country is currently on a partial lockdown, which means movement is allowed only for essential services such as food, courier services or visiting a health facility.


I am quite particular about this because just before this partial lockdown, there was a very huge resurfacing of illegal miners in the country. A ban which the government placed on all mining activities in 2017 was lifted in 2018 and the illegal miners took advantage of it once again. Their activities lead to destruction of waterbodies and other parts of the environment which serve major rural and urban areas and one disheartening fact is that, security officials who have been deployed to stop the operations of these illegal miners have given in to monies that they are bribed with. A recent leaked audio shows that some government officials are behind the work of these illegal miners. But the government is always quick to come and clear its officials of any wrong doing and the country is running into the ditches on perhaps the blind side of the government.


The partial lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus has seen a very big improvement in the environment;


ü No miners (illegal) are to be seen working and this is being achieved with the help of the military who have been deployed to ensure that all rules of the lockdown are enforced.


ü Restricted movement means, no cars or few cars are allowed to move about and this has greatly reduced the content of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the environment.


ü Industries that do not produce essential services have been added to the lockdown and hence no production and emission of dangerous gases till the lockdown is lifted which is good from the environmental aspect of it.


ü Coronavirus has generally brought a high standard of living with hygiene being its first core. More people are careful with what they even touch and consume. Hand washing has become part of our daily dealings now and the use of sanitizers has really sprung up.


ü We eat well prepared foods especially meat and this ensures that no sickness would rise due to the consumption of unwell cooked food.


ü Families are now closer to themselves than ever, some kids who got to see their parents once or twice in a week or a month can now have their parents or even loved ones to themselves due to the lockdown coronavirus has brought.


With this few points I believe anyone could be convinced that coronavirus is indeed a blessing in disguise looking at things on the brighter side and not forgetting the serious damages it has also brought.


Green Cheers from Ghana!




  • Ghana E-gen Ambassador Justice Obiri


Susmita Adhikari

  • Susmita Adhikari says :
    I hope you are doing well

    Thank you so much for this report
    Posted 23-04-2020 00:16

Sudha  Bhandari

Sonika Pariyar

  • Sonika Pariyar says :
    Hello Justice!!

    I hope you are doing great!
    Its sad to know about Ghana!!

    Staying home has given us such plenty time that we can explore nature, enjoy with our hobbies,spend quality time with family.

    STAY SAFE!!!
    Posted 11-04-2020 19:31

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Justice

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about Coronavirus A blessing in disguise?

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 10-04-2020 19:32

Sang Su Mentor

  • Sang Su Mentor says :
    Hi Justice Obiri, this is a mentor Sang Su Lee.

    As you mentioned in your article, Corona virus is making people to think about how their activities have affected to the environment. It's only been two months, but I can clearly feel that the earth is becoming more green. Korea has never experienced in 10 years this clear spring sky. Italy has never experienced in 60 years the clear water of the river. I guess your country is also experiencing the similar incident. This vividly proves that if people do not do anything on the environment, the earth heals itself in very fast speed.

    Thank you for your insight and a nice report!

    Posted 07-04-2020 00:11

Taehyun Mentor

  • Taehyun Mentor says :
    Hello Justice Obiri, greeting from mentor Taehyun!

    Thank you for a bright sight related to the COVID-19! Actually, casualties because of this virus is a lot among the earth, but every cloud has a silver lining, we can find some good things because of the COVID-19 as you've said. It is really sad to hear the COVID-19 news around the earth nowadays, but we have to be strong! After this virus, we would be more careful with an epidemic case, and that would make the world to become stronger than before.

    Thank you for the report and take good care of your health!

    Green cheers!
    Posted 05-04-2020 23:58

Anjila Pandey

  • Anjila Pandey says :
    Hello Justice Obiri,

    Greetings from Nepal!
    I am very sorry to hear the condition of Ghana carried on by Corona.
    I would also like to thank you for reminding us the brighter side this pandemic eventually has brought. This was something I had noticed as well.
    Let us hope this severe,pitiful situation to be eliminated globally ASAP.
    Keep writing and sharing.

    Anjila Pandey
    Posted 04-04-2020 23:38

Ramesh  Oli

  • Ramesh Oli says :
    Nice report, Keep on writing!!
    Posted 04-04-2020 22:40

Jasmine Karki

  • Jasmine Karki says :
    I do hope you are all good there..

    Thanks for sharing this report with us!!
    We all know that whole world is going through a painful situation of pandemic Corona virus.. Lockdown have been enforced to ensure the less contact between people and prevent this pandemic..Meanwhile, as you have mentioned, lockdown has also played an important role to protect the environment from unnecessary vehicles horns pollution and industrial outputs..

    Green cheers
    Hope to have a glorious morning very soon..

    Jasmine karki
    Posted 04-04-2020 21:08

Fahd Rasul

  • Fahd Rasul says :
    SURELY, It brought many changes. closure to our families. and purified us. SLowed the pace of competition and relaxed us. Feeling much better at home.
    Posted 04-04-2020 20:36

sandesh thapa

  • sandesh thapa says :
    thanks for sharing, really these days family means a lot. stay safe, stay healthy justice Obiri.
    Posted 04-04-2020 19:07

Ganga Timilsina

  • Ganga Timilsina says :
    Nice report, Keep on writing!!
    Posted 04-04-2020 14:58

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