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Monthly Free Report - My Tunza Journey

by Sagar Koirala | 13-05-2021 11:31 recommendations 0

Finally, after a long wait, I have succeded to grab 10,000 points on Tunza. It took me more than 2 years to achieve this feat but achieving this feat seems really wonderful. Till this period, I carried out numerous projects, campaigns and events successfully. All this events could not have been possible because of you guys. Through this report, I want acknowledge all members of Tunza and mentors for making my Tunza journey worthwhile.

I was awarded as Hidden Eco Hero Award 2019 alongside two fellow eco activists. It was my most memorable moment with Tunza. After working tirelessly for environment, advocating for climate justice and eco-activism, achieving the title of Hidden Hero 2019 was not less than fairlytail moment for me. I would like to specially acknowledge Nepalese tunza ambassdors, former ambassadors, mentors, former mentors and all members who have forever been constant support to me in this journey.

It is due to Tunza only that I got connected with bright eco-activists all around the globe. I coordinated with many of them for campaigns, events and projects. I would like to mention few of them. Kushal Naharki, Dibya Bhatta, Asmita Gaire, Meena Pandey, Sandhya Adhikari, Bal Krishna Pandey, Sachin Regmi, Alok Dhakal, played pivotial role for my growth in Tunza platform. I was also successful in bringing many eco activits to this platform. Some of them are engaged in eco activism and some even became ambassador. I feel really happy to contribute my best efforts for Tunza. I highly recommend everyone to use it and connect with as many bright minds as possible.

Sagar Koirala

  • Nepal E-gen Ambassador Sagar Koirala


Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Hi Sagar,

    This is your mentor Debbie :)

    First of all, congratulations for achieving a big feat! You??re a true eco-activist! :) I??m glad that you had the chance to collaborate with other fellow ambassadors through this platform. Hopefully we as a group will grow further as a family. Thank you for putting so much effort in making our world a better one.

    Keep up the work!

    Green Cheers,
    Posted 27-05-2021 18:58

Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Sagar,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    Wow congrats for accomplishing 10,000 points on Tunza! This shows how you have actively participated in our platform and shared environmental issues with us:) It's still more surprising that your hard work has continued for two years now. Big applause!

    It's also wonderful to hear that you got an opportunity to connect with other bright eco-activists all around the globe. All together you guys must have done a great job in conducting campaigns, events and projects, contributing to the growth of this platform.

    I give you special thanks and hope you and your fellow ambassadors super job continues.

    Keep sharing, too:)

    Posted 21-05-2021 14:16

Justice Obiri

  • Justice Obiri says :
    This is massive, keep pushing forward.

    Green Cheers!
    Posted 15-05-2021 13:29

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Hello Sagar dai,
    First of all huge congratulations for gaining 10k points,
    It is the outcome of your huge involvement and your dedication towards for Tunza,

    You had left no any stone return to share this platform to wider audiences,

    Your achievements and involvement are really praise worthy,

    Keep sharing and shining,

    We are eager to read much more from you,

    Posted 15-05-2021 10:11

Elina  Haber

  • Elina Haber says :
    Hey Sagar,
    This is the best way to represent Tunza eco-generation, I appreciate all your efforts put into making the world a better and greener place. I want to congratulate you for achieving 10k points on this sweet platform, after a loooong journey ;) Specially with the great support of everyone you've met here!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Posted 14-05-2021 19:10

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