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How marine life is affected by pollution

by Harrison Wang | 30-04-2022 16:03 recommendations 0

Relating to last month's topic of water pollution, which marine life is significantly affected by. Marine animals typically require a delicate balance in their water, as even slight fluctuation in the pH level of water can be deadly. Additionally, contaminants can affect marine animals in other ways, such as preventing proper shell creation.

For example, increased nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen in the water caused an algae bloom to form. This algae bloom can then produce a toxin that poisons sea animals. One example of this is in the Pacific coast, where dolphins, whales, and sea lions were found poisoned due to consuming fish that were contaminated by this. Algae blooms can also threaten sources of food for humans, such as by contaminating shellfish. 

Another side effect is the increased levels of carbon in the ocean, this causes bicarbonate ions to form instead of calcium carbonate, which requires carbonate ions. As a result of this, animals that build shells and coral cannot properly survive, and their shells will be much weaker than normal. Furthermore, temperatures rising will also cause coral to bleach, which kills them if its not reversed quickly.



  • United States Of America E-gen Ambassador Harrison Wang


Chelwoon Mentor

  • Chelwoon Mentor says :
    Hello Harrison, this is your mentor Chelwoon.

    The concentration of phosporous and nitrogen used for measuring the quality of water also serves as nutrients for microorganisms such as algae. However, if the level of these exceeds a certain limit, it rather degrades the quality of water by destroying the balance of water bodies, like blooming algae. The level of ions is another metric for water quality. This should be maintained under a certain limit. However, we sometimes intentionally make more ions in water bodies to accelerate the flocculation process , which is a method of water purification.

    Thank you for the article!


    Posted 06-05-2022 20:58

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Harrison, this is your mentor Joon.

    Increased nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide level is mostly due to human activities. Depending on the level on water, it may have different side-effects. If it exceeds the certain limit, it is worse than not having any and drive the marine life to collapse. That is why we always have to adequately control the pollution by limiting influx of pollutants to environment. To do so, strict regulations need to be set, and restrictions should be enforced.

    Well read your article, and let's keep up!


    Posted 01-05-2022 00:50

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