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[March Free Report] Water in the US

by Jayden Kim | 31-03-2023 09:29 recommendations 0

In the US, the waters of the country is what makes the US what it is. Without our waters, the US would not be able to transport their goods, enjoy the beaches, nor did would they be able to view and consume the wonderful life that is in the waters. 

The US has actually developed multiple new technologies to mediate the current water crisis and the increase of eutrophication in the bodies of waters. Currently in the Great Lakes of the US, new technology called hypernucleation flotation technology, which is a machine that physically removes the algae produced by eutrophication (Comar). 

In 2022, new laws and legislation by the federal government provided 50 billion dollars in funds to help build new tech and preserve the waters of the US(EPA). No doubt, the US is not lacking in terms of spending money to help build and strengthen the water conservatories and technologies.

However, there have been problems with the water in the US. In the US, there are still thousands of miles worth of unusable water, and this number is not stopping. Furthermore, there has been an increase in human illnesses from diseases from contamination of eutrophication. The US still have problems regardless of how much money spend. 

Regardless, the future is bright. The US and other countries all around world have been striving to become more sustainable and create new technologies to help remediate water pollution and to keep our waters safe. 


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Photo creds: https://www.fishsens.com/eutrophication-can-have-a-harmful-effect-on-dissolved-oxygen-in-aquaculture/



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James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Jayden! This is your mentor James!
    First of all, my apologies for the late comment!

    I'm super glad to hear that the U.S government is taking practical action in order to restore the clean water supply and preserve what is left as a natural environment. Water scarcity is an issue faced not only by the U.S but the whole world in a sense where the overall drinking water is constantly declining. Thus, technological advances along with public awareness should arise in order to solve this global adversity.

    Thanks for the meaningful report! Looking forward to reading your next one!
    Posted 05-05-2023 15:56

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Jayden! Again, this is your mentor Yewon.

    This time you wrote a report about water in the US. As water is one of the most important resources for every living thing to survive, preventing water pollution and water shortage!

    I have never heard of hypernucleation flotation technology before, and it is quite interesting that it removes the algae produced by eutrophication! I hope that technologies will develop so that we can utilize them to protect the environment!!

    Thank you for your great report! Great job!
    Posted 31-03-2023 22:42

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