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[May Theme Report] New Technology for urban cities

by Jayden Kim | 01-06-2023 09:34 recommendations 0

As the world gets more and more developed and urbanized, the need for technology to mediate the rising carbon emissions and pollution is necessary and dire. The US has made many developments to make urban technology more sustainable. To begin, green agriculture. Adding vegetation in the balconies and the tops of the buildings can help drastically in providing a place for carbon to be stored and light to reflect off of and not absorbed regularly. There are also development in cool pavements that absorb light and heat less, allowing temperatures to decrease more compared to when these pavements are not used. Cool pavements use other, more less absorbing materials to reduce the absorption. 

There are also other countries that are attempting to make their cities more sustainable. Countries in Europe have added mechanical trees that can store carbon inside the machine without the long growth of trees to store carbon, making it a quicker system to absorb carbon. There have also been development in Great Britain with their new Kinetic streets that can use the steps of the people on the walkway to produce electricity for the houses and lights through the kinetic energy. 

As seen, the world is trying to make cities more sustainable. Without the help of all countries, cities will continue to become more and more less sustainable, and more of a problem to this world as temperatures and carbon dioxide will skyrocket in these areas. 

photocredit: https://www.wired.com/story/smart-cities-bad-metaphors-and-a-better-urban-future/
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  • United States Of America E-gen Ambassador Jayden Kim


James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Jayden!! This is your mentor James.

    First of all, sorry for the late comment!

    I see that you've emphasized the importance of green architecture and infrastructure in urban areas! There are numerous benefits regarding green design in building such as creating a healthy indoor environment and being energy-efficient. Effective temperature control, as you've mentioned, is one of the key advantages of implementing green design!

    Thanks for writing such a meaningful report! Great work.
    Posted 28-06-2023 11:59

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Jayden! This is your mentor Yewon.

    First of all, I apologize for the late comment.

    You have written a report about eco-friendly urban technologies! Especially I liked your suggestion, green agriculture! Since food is essential to maintain humans lives, agriculture is mandatory. Therefore, green agriculture you mentioned above can be a great answer to this problem!
    Also thank you for sharing interesting examples of eco-friendly technologies!

    Thank you for your meaningful report! Let's keep up the good work!
    Posted 27-06-2023 03:26

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