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by Dzelamunyuy Simuben | 02-06-2023 19:35 recommendations 0

Urbanization is a global phenomenon that is transforming our world; it brings both potential positive and negative impacts to communities. World urban areas are increasingly dabbling with the triple challenge of pollution, congestion and environmental degradation. In concrete terms, it is estimated that by 2050, 6.3 billion people will populate cities. This indicates a logical increase in the demand for urban green space to accommodate physical activity. Such space is likely to include a mixture of green streets, pocket parks, larger parks, and other areas. The quest for sanity and healthy urban living led to the introduction of sustainable eco-urban development. More importantly, sustainable urban development has a critical role to play in urban communities. Sustainable urban development could be looked as a form of development that meets the needs of a community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It prioritizes economic, environmental and social sustainability. Rapid and uncontrolled urbanization is archetypical of urban centers of the developing world. Such leads to significant alteration of its ecosystems and the loss of urban greenery and habitat as well as habitat loss in the urban landscape. This has triggered a myriad of environmental challenges ranging from a reduction in green spaces to ecosystem deterioration.g
The greening of urban centers in Cameroon represents a key cornerstone in Cameroon’s green growth and an opportunity to leapfrog the green development process. By investing in sustainable initiatives, cities can create jobs and growth, while at the same time reducing energy usage, waste, and pollution. For example, by introducing practices that reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources, cities can work towards reducing their carbon dioxide emissions and helping to reduce global warming. Also Eco-Friendly Generation initiative group (ECOFRIGE) over the passed few months have  engaged in plastic waste bottle recycling as growing pods for urban gardening in Bamenda western highlands of Cameroon.Sustainable eco-urban development combines strategies to improve quality of life, such as improving public transportation, city dwellers are better able to access employment and educational opportunities and increase their level of social inclusion. This can benefit those on lower incomes, who may otherwise struggle to take part in city life, enhancing their opportunities and providing them with greater potential for upward mobility in the future It includes integrated approaches to urban planning that are responsive to the needs of local stakeholders, communities and the natural environment. In the Bamenda Western highlands of Cameroon, an important initiative was taken to implement an urban greening project with major focus to map out potential areas for creating parks in Bamenda. This helps  in building a green economy that enhances nature, environmental protection and at the same time offers economic and social benefits to its citizens.Finally, sustainable urban development is essential for ensuring that all citizens can enjoy economic work and better quality of life. By providing green locations in urban areas, people have better access to parks, green spaces, and other leisure activities.Conclusively, Eco-City serves as a fundamental catalyst for change, improving environmental quality of the natural and built environments for future generations, and upgrading conditions for sustainable development, the current situation of environmental problems is more serious than we think. Thus, it is very important for us to turn our eyes to the urban environment re-shape our ideas in embedding patches of ecosystems in a matrix of different land use to serves as green space within the cities which alternatively support specie populations and biodiversity. This will bring a positive way to live with nature thus making sustainable urban development a reality for the growing population and tackle environmental challenge. 
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  • Cameroon Former E-gen Ambassador Dzelamunyuy Simuben
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James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Dzelamunyuy!! This is your mentor James.

    First of all, sorry for the late comments!

    In this report, you have mentioned an exceptionally important perspective that many governments and policy-makers should think about; the socioeconomic benefits of green initiatives! As you've mentioned, proactive transition to a sustainable environment is not a regressive process, but rather a progressive action. It creates a whole new market and job opportunities for numerous people, and provides sustainability to the economy which was once detrimental and short-sighted.

    Thanks for writing such a meaningful report! Great work.
    Posted 28-06-2023 12:25

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Dzelamunyuy! This is your mentor Yewon.

    First of all, I apologize for the late comment.

    You have introduced eco-friendly urban technologies in Cameroon.
    'ECOFRIGE' is quite interesting in that enhances sustainability in cities in eco-friendly ways!
    I think these projects will have a positive impact on the environment, as you mentioned in the end of your report!

    Thank you for your meaningful report! Great job!!
    Posted 27-06-2023 17:56

Godfred Owusu

  • Godfred Owusu says :
    Thank you for your informative article
    Posted 15-06-2023 06:25

Dzelamunyuy Simuben

Muhammad Asif  Khan

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