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September Theme Report <Energy Security>

by Jean Blaise Seka | 13-09-2023 17:34 recommendations 1

Energy security is an essential component for Cameroon's development. My report for this month examines the status of energy security in Cameroon. In this report we will be highlighting the challenges facing the energy industry in Cameroon and identifying opportunities for improvement. By incorporating relevant statistics and data, this report this report will be providing an overview of the energy industry in Cameroon.

Sources of Energy in Cameroon and Production Methods

Cameroon possesses numerous energy sources including solar energy, hydroelectric power, biomass, wind energy and natural oil and gas. Notwithstanding, Cameroon still faces numerous energy challenges in the production and distribution of energy which leads to energy poverty.

- Fossil Fuels & Fossil Fuels: Biomass and Fossil fuel account for 74.2% and 17.3 % of the total energy consumption in Cameroon respectively. This high percentage shows how much carbon is emitted to the atmosphere daily. The Chad Cameroon pipe, transporting oil from Chad to Cameroon's coastal areas is plays a major role in the production and distribution of oil in Cameroon. However, dependence on fossils expose Cameroon to monopolistic exploitation from centralized energy production and distribution.

- Hydroelectric Power: Cameroon has high potential of hydroelectric power with the primary being exploited from the river Sanaga. Cameroon has an energy mix of hydroelectric plants such as Edea (the largest), Song Loulou and Lagdo. However, hydroelectric power is affected by variations in rainfall especially in the Northern regions.

- Renewable Energy: Despite the abundant sunlight and wind, Cameroon still has a lot to do as regards the exploitation of renewable energy sources. The exploitation of this energy sources is highly limited by government policies, limited instrastructure, high cost and limited investment.

Energy Consumption and Access in Cameroon

Cameroon faces numerous energy challenges including limited access to energy which often leads to energy insecurity.

I) Electricity Access: As of 2020, only approximately 64% of the population had access to electricity (The World Bank). Rural areas in Cameroon have significantly lower access to electricity compared to urban towns. Limited access to electricity in rural communities in Cameroon hinders economic and social development of many communities in Cameroon.

II) Energy Poverty: In the Cameroonian community, many households depend on traditional biomass for cooking and heating which negatively affects health especially for women and children. Limited access to clean in Cameroon leads to energy poverty.

Energy Crisis in Cameroon

Cameroon faces numerous challenges in her efforts to achieve energy security. These challenges will be briefly listed below:

- Climate Vulnerability: Climate change including rising temperatures, erratic rainfalls and prolonged droughts affect hydroelectric power generation in Cameroon leading to energy crisis.

- Low Investment: Insufficient investment in the energy sector in Cameroon limits expansion, limits infrastructural development and the exploitation of renewable energy sources.

- Limited Infrastructure: Outdated infrastructure and limited energy infrastructure disrupts the exploitation, storage, management and distribution of clean energy in Cameroon. Hence, energy poverty.

Opportunities for Energy Improvement in Cameroon
- Investment and Public-Private Partnerships:
Encouraging domestic and foreign investors in the clean energy sector can facilitate knowledge sharing, technological transfer, infrastructural development and consequently energy security.

- Development and Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources: Increasing the usage of rewable energy sources


Energy Security

Jean BlaiseSeka

  • Cameroon E-gen Ambassador Jean Blaise Seka
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SangHyeon Park

  • SangHyeon Park says :
    Hi Jean Blaise Seka.
    You have reported excellent case study in Cameroon for the conservation of energy security. Thanks to this article, I predict that the majority of our global ambassadors become familiar with the concept & contents of energy security challenges. Thank you for the nice report!
    Posted 28-09-2023 22:06

Seeun Mentor

  • Seeun Mentor says :
    Hello, this is mentor Seeun.
    I see that many of you have written about energy diversification in your thematic reports!
    I assume this is because energy diversification is the most realistic and well know way to increase energy security.
    Great report informing us about the challenges that Cameroon faces!
    Thank you
    Posted 17-09-2023 14:32

Emmanuel  Dassah

David Kalayi

  • David Kalayi says :
    Thanks for throwing more light on Cameroons energy security. Interesting article.
    Thank you
    Posted 14-09-2023 18:40

Jean Blaise Seka

  • Jean Blaise Seka says :
    Hello @everyone, take a few minutes of your time to read this article to discover the primary energy sources in Cameroon, energy consumption and access and energy security challenges faced by Cameroon.
    Posted 14-09-2023 00:49

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