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August Thematic Report-food security

by Lhamu dolma Sherpa | 17-09-2023 19:32 recommendations 0

Our physical, Mental, social and economic well-being depends on the food we eat. We must understand that how we eat has an impact on how the planet is used. Food security is one of the fundamental rights and requirements of people. a sustainable food system that can provide high-quality food to every person, every day is needed. The prevalence of malnutrition and starvation is a crucial indicator of the shortcomings of the current food system, which leads to food insecurity. Due to climate change, poverty, and lack of education and knowledge most people are not getting food security. According to the World Food Summit (1996), the population is food secure when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

Obtaining food security is a challenging task.

But here are some strategies to improve food security

·        Sustainable agriculture Promotion of sustainable farming practices help to increase productivity and minimize environmental impact

·        Food aid and Assistance: Providing emergency food supply and assistance during crises like natural disasters Flood, Landslides etc

·        Poverty Alleviation: Addressing poverty and income equality by providing jobs contributes to improving access to food.

·        Infrastructure development: Investing in infrastructure like transportation, storage techniques like cold storage and irrigation to increase food distribution and reduce post-harvest losses.

·        Education: spreading knowledge and awareness about food and food security, Nutrition food preparation, etc.



Lhamu dolmaSherpa

  • Nepal Former E-gen Ambassador Lhamu dolma Sherpa
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SangHyeon Park

  • SangHyeon Park says :
    You have reported several valuable ways to enhance food security. These seem like practicle and reasonable. Brilliant article!
    Posted 28-09-2023 22:27

Seeun Mentor

  • Seeun Mentor says :
    Hello, this is mentor Seeun.
    Wow, I didn't expect anyone to write about food security!!
    I can see how energy security and food security can be related, as both have close ties with the economy and the infrastructure of a community.
    Thank you for the great article!
    Posted 18-09-2023 20:59

Emmanuel  Dassah

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