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by Burton Dorley | 19-06-2014 00:55 recommendations 0

                               Power Station And Oil Lamps

Biomass is a collective name for organic material that can be used as fuel: waste from food and plants, trees, rapeseed, organic wastes. Throughout the world biomass has been used from time immemorial for cooking, lighting and heating. It is still used today, both in the developing countries and here on domestic hearths, wood stoves and oil lamps.

unprocessed biomass is not suitable for large-scale use in power stations or as transport fuel, but processing techniques are available and more are under development. Some process supply a biomass product that can also be used locally as fuel, being cleaner than coal or charcoal, while using material that would otherwise go to waste. Torrefaction is a technology that makes large grains of biomass by roasting and pelletising . The pellets can be used in power stations as well as stoves or small ovens, as in developing countries. Its clean, has a high energy yield, it's easy to transport and can be stored for a long time.
If small scale roasting plants are built, but make the grains. That's a pretty good contribution to a sustainable energy supply.     

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  • Burton Dorley says :
    thAnks to all for the warm comm
    Posted 21-06-2014 20:48

  • Arushi Madan says :
    @ Burton : Thanks for introducing torrefaction. It seems like a good alternative to pulverised coal cumbustion .The fact that it's slow roasting of biomass improves the energy content could help in large scale implementation of bioenergy.Thanks for the informative report.
    Posted 20-06-2014 17:51

  • says :
    Thank you for the information on Torrefaction! :D
    Posted 19-06-2014 16:39

  • says :
    Thank you Burton for the informative article. Hope to see more.
    Posted 19-06-2014 15:54

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks for the report Burton.
    Wood remains the largest biomass energy source to date.
    Posted 19-06-2014 14:34

  • says :
    very informative. thank you for sharing.
    Posted 19-06-2014 10:15

  • says :
    Thanks! Really imformative!
    Posted 19-06-2014 06:00

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