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  • 1. How do I Sign In to Tunza EcoGeneration and become a member?

    You need to create your account to become a member of Tunza EcoGeneration. You need to follow two steps to create an account followed by the verification of your account trough your Email Id.

    • Step 1: You need to confirm that you age is above 13 years and agree to all the terms and conditions after reading it.

    • Step 2: You need to enter your information including your name, username, password, country, date of birth and email. (You don't need to upload your picture due to the updated privacy policy).

    You will be notified for the confirmation via your email where you have to verify your account. Then You can use Username and Password to log in to the website and become a member.

    - Answered by Kushal Naharki from Nepal


  • 1. What is TUNZA Eco-generation platform?

    • Tunza Eco-generation is the platform to explore your eco-behavior potential within you. This platform makes your confident level more rigid and strong to spread the environmental awareness in your community. It is the global family for all environment lovers. Let you know the global environmental activities and initiatives so make you one step ahead. The online events offered by Eco-generation team made easier for our members to participate fun events without any restriction to location.

    - Answered by Abhishek Bajracharya from Nepal

  • 2. What is the purpose of this site?

    • We're hoping it will let you discover more about the environment and everything you can do to help it. It should let you meet other people like you from all different countries, and connect you to amazing opportunities so that you can expand your horizons. Onwards and upwards!

    - Answered by Elliot Connor from Australia

  • 3. Hello, I am a new comer to the Eco-gen. Can somebody tell me how can I get familiar with this site?

    • Hi, new-bee!! ^^ Welcome to the Eco-generation. From my experience, 'Fun-land' is the best starting point. When I became a member of Eco-gen roughly 5years ago, I had very little knowledge about environment issues. While I was playing all different games at 'Fun-land', I got to know many facts about environment and its related issues. 'Fun-land' games are not demanding but very educational. Once you get charged with eco-knowledge, next step I would suggest to you is writing comments on the articles. When you see someone answer your comment or quote it, you feel like now you are being a true member of a community. I hope my answer makes you a bit relaxed. Again, welcome aboard! ^^

    - Answered by Alberta Yoo from U.S.A.

  • 4. What are the benefits of the TUNZA Eco-generation platform?

    • Tunza Eco-generation not only serves its purpose of spreading environmental awareness globally, rather creates environmentalist out of you. It is the best means to build up the spirit of participation in various international events being a representative of one's region. Their resource greatly helps in updating us with current environment issues, its effects and works in the direction of conservation. The 'Fun-land' is ready to entertain us.
    • It is a way to communicate with the world and a proper guide on our activities. We can improve oneself here, talk to global friends, be a part of a new world and express our love to mother Earth. Don't forget that it additionally gives us the opportunity of being a leader and to visit South Korea introducing us with it. It brings us close to the nature, from our mechanical life.

    - Answered by Pushpanjali Shrivastava from India

    • 1. We gather much more information regarding environment from resource page.
    • 2. We can leave comments to others report, so we can get the mentality to express our love and attention to others
    • 3. We can learn how to use social website
    • 4. We can learn how to cooperate with others
    • 5. There may be opportunity for the forum winners to visit S. Korea, it is the best opportunity to learn custom of theirs and tell about our custom to them etc.
    • 6. We can meet many environmental leaders and also share our ideas.
    • 7. Moreover we can win gifts for our essays. The gifts are so sweet.
    • 8. We can chat with other friends. This is the safest online chat place for children.
    • 9. We can know about many competitions(national and international) from the events page.
    • 10. We can also upload new events in our area in that place
    • 11. There is also an environmental gaming section 'Fun land'.

    - Answered by Guru Vishnu Mathivanan from India

  • 5. What can I learn here in TUNZA Eco-generation website?

    • Tunza Eco Generation is a VERY GOOD learning avenue! You can read environmental news and readings through the WORLD REPORTS, AMBASSADOR REPORTS and the RESOURCES (we have readings for AIR, WATER, LAND, ECOSYSTEM, CLIMATE CHANGE, ENERGY, LIVING GREEN and FEATURES)

    - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines


  • 1. I see that a profile picture was once on my profile, but it has not been taken off. Why is that?

    • It has been the Platform’s top priority to maintain the safety of the members of the sight. That is why on the 2nd of February 2018, Tunza Eco-Generation decided to delete profile pictures of members in order to protect the internet privacy of all members. The internet privacy has become more and more important and the regulations of information privacy were put in place by governments to maintain this. For the actual notice follow this link,

    - Answered by Rosa Domingos from South Africa

  • 2. I see different shades of colours of the Eco-generation for member’s profile pictures, what do they mean?

    • The colours indicate members, ambassadors, mentors and Eco-Generation

      members This picture is designated for members of the platform.

      ambassadors This picture is designated for ambassadors of the platform.

      mentors This picture is designated for mentors of the platform.

      Eco-Generation This picture is designated to Eco-Generation.

    - Answered by Rosa Domingos from South Africa

  • 3. How can I post an article?

    • World Reports: As a member you may write & post a world report. You must log in to comment or write a report. The write button is a Blue rectangle. Write button

      It is very important to select the appropriate category as shown below:


      As you may notice there are 8 categories. Please select the appropriate category. Next is writing Title of the report. This should relate to the report & must be catchy. Basically your report must be of 4 paragraphs.

      Attaching Picture in Reports: While attaching pictures make sure to attach only relevant pictures only especially if you are visible in the picture it is better otherwise if picture relates to your report & is taken by you only, you may attach. Please avoid attaching pictures from Internet as it will negatively impact your rating with Tunza Eco-Generation.

    - Answered by Rohan Kapur from U.A.E.

    • While writing articles in Tunza Eco-generation website, follow the simple tips
    • • Articles can be on various topics containing your originality or otherwise, the source of the article mentioned. However, as it is an environmental website, the articles on environment will be much appreciated and validated.
    • • To write articles, go to 'Our Actions'

    - Answered by Smriti Limbu from Nepal

  • 4. I want to search a specific article written by a specific member, how can I do the search in the World report page?

    • If you want to see all the reports /any specific report written by a specific member then there is a way to search the reports by writer or title or category. Go to home page, then click on Our Actions, choose the option World Report (if you want see member's report -member who is not an Ambassador) and click. Then World report page opens, go to the bottom of the page, you would see Title, then a pull down arrow next to it. This arrow is to choose the reports based on Title or Category or Content or Writer. Select Writer. Then in the blank box next to it, type the name of member whose report you are searching for. Then press on Search. It will show all reports from the latest to oldest - written by the selected member. If you know the title /heading of the report you are searching, you can type that in the blank box. Even if you remember one word out of the complete title of the report, you can type that one word and it will search and show you all the reports whose title has that word.


    - Answered by Arushi Madan from U.A.E.

  • 5. How do I post pictures in-between my paragraphs?

    • Wanting to put pictures in your report is always appealing to the eyes and makes for a colourful report. Here are the steps to easily upload pictures to your report:

      i) Firstly, select a space in-between your paragraphs (1.) to upload your picture/photo, make sure that your index is centred in the middle. To do this just click the centred text icon.


      ii) Secondly, click the ‘Add image’ tab (2.) on the tool bar above your text space.

      iii) This will open up a dialogue box where you upload in 2 ways. Either you add a link (3.1)to the image, or you upload from your device (3.2) (phone, laptop or PC). If you choose to upload from your device, then click ‘Choose file’.


      iv) It will then take you to your device’s memory folder where you then select the image to add in-between your paragraphs.

      v) Once selected, it will take you back to the dialogue box where you will have to add an ‘Alternative Text’ (4.) describing your image. PS: it can be one word descriptions


      vi) Click ‘OK’ (5.). And that’s it…your image will load where you positioned your index to be.

    - Answered by Rosa Domingos from South Africa


  • 1. What is activity point system, its benefit and how it works? How can I earn lots of activity points?

    • Under the Activity Point System you get points for your engagement/activity on Tunza Eco-generation platform. For instance, you get 1 point every time you Log-in to your account, 2 points when you comment on any article/notice, 10 points for article posting and 50 points whenever you submit an application to any TEG event/competition.
    • Activity point system plays a very important role in the TEG events/competitions as one of the most important criteria. For instance, In Ambassador Program your application will be judged 60% on the basis of the quality of your application form and 40% activity points. Which means high number of activity points will certainly increase your chances of selection.

    - Answered by Dharmendra Kapri from India

  • 2. How do I get a lot of activity points?

    • How do I get a lot of points? Simple, log-in to the site (preferably everyday) :) comment on other eco-youth's posts, and of course, post your very own write-ups!

    - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

  • 3. I had more than 1000 points when I last logged-in in December and now it’s again starting with zero. What should I do?

    • Relax, Every January 1st the activity points system goes back to zero and re-starts so that you can check your activeness and engagement on TEG by annual basis.

    - Answered by Dharmendra Kapri from India


  • 1. What are the benefits I will be getting if I get selected for the Regional Ambassador Program?

      • Being Regional Ambassador to your region is a great opportunity to explore your eco leadership representing your region.

      You will be able to receive the following benefits:

      • - Improvement of personal environmental leadership skills.
      • - Enhancing promotions for one's organization and (or) environmental awareness programs.
      • - Online mentoring provided by mentors to their Ambassador Reports.
      • - Promotional goods will be provided for environmental awareness campaigns to be planned and executed by the Ambassador
      • - Certificate that verifies successful completion of the Ambassador's duties.
      • - Reference letters
      • - The 3(Three) best ambassador reports will be published on the monthly Tunza Eco-generation Newsletter which is publicly released to Tunza Eco-generation members.
      • - Recognition of the 'Best Ambassador of the term' shall be given to 1(One) Ambassador who demonstrates the most passionate and active environmental activities as well as participating in various events of Tunza Eco-generation. A certificate and souvenir will be given to the Best Ambassador at the end of the term. The process and final decision on the selection shall be planned and confirmed by the Eco-generation team.
      • - Ability to express entry to the facilitator candidates of the 2019 Junior Engineering Academy when completed one's term.

      You need to most two mandatory reports every months and conduct campaigns, events and receive the certificate upon the completion of the term

      - Answered by Kushal Naharki from Nepal

    • 2. I didn’t get selected as an Ambassador. Can I still be active and post reports on TEG platform?

      • Yes, you can still post about your environmental works or any environmental issues of your area on World Report or Forums. You can also read and post comments on other members report and your active engagement on TEG will increase your chances of selection next time.

      - Answered by Dharmendra Kapri from India


    • 1. I want to join competitions, what should I do?

      • Want to join competitions (especially the environment-related ones)? You can find a lot of it here through the OUR ACTIONS tab > then, EVENTS. Just feel free to scan and read about the contests you prefer to join!

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines


    • 1. How can I make friends in TUNZA Eco-generation Platform?

      • Tunza Eco-generation is the platform to explore your eco-behavior potential within you. This platform makes your confident level more rigid and strong to spread the environmental awareness in your community. It is the global family for all environment lovers. Let you know the global environmental activities and initiatives so make you one step ahead. The online events offered by Eco-generation team made easier for our members to participate fun events without any restriction to location.

      • 1. Use the Chat box to Greet and make new friends.
      • 2. Once you read the reports put in comments to motivate fellow members by putting positive comments and suggestions.
      • 3. All members can post reports in the World Report Section and every report is important and is read and usually commented.
      • 4. Based on your reports and contributions to the world report postings everyone gets to know you and your work better and then once you have the skills - you can apply and serve as Ambassador.

      - Answered by Simran Vedvyas from U.A.E.

      • Become friends with other people by commenting on their post, joining and actively engaging in different forums organized by your co-Eco youths around the world, or by chatting with others using the chat feature of the Tunza Eco-Generation website.

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

    • 2. Somebody left a nice comment on my article so I want to know more about the commenter. How can I do?

      • If you want to know about the commenter (member who is commenting) while you are reading his comment on your report or someone else's report , it's very simple. Just place the mouse on his name (his name appears before his comment), then click left mouse button. You would be able to see his profile and even you would be able to add him as your friend by clicking on the last tab '+add friend' of 'member profile'.

      - Answered by Arushi Madan from U.A.E.

    • 3. How to check if someone has commented on my report?

      • There are two ways- First, you can directly open your report and check all the comments posted by Eco-gen members and ambassadors.

      • Second- You can check all new comments on your reports on News Feeds. New Feeds option is located near the small chat box and attendance checker.

      - Answered by Dharmendra Kapri from India


    • 1. Can I know about more opportunities in the website apart from the Tunza EcoGeneration website?

      • Answer: Yes, You can. You can see the various youth related events and programs on the Opportunity Section on the Our Action Section or visit the space below the Global Chat Window posted by the EcoGeneration Members and ambassador across the globe. You can also post about the new opportunity to the other members. See the Opportunity, Share the Opportunity and Grow your Network

      - Answered by Kushal Naharki from Nepal

    • 2. Is there anything fun in TUNZA Eco-generation website?

      • Wanna have fun? You can also play games here! We have the GAMES tab in our site, mouse over that and choose what games do you want. :) We have various games, painting games and animation games!

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

    • 3. How can I get updates about TUNZA Eco-generation in real-time?

      • To coincide Tunza with your social networking sites, Like the Tunza Eco Generation page on Facebook, follow on Twitter and subscribe in YouTube! You'll get better updated if you do these.

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

      • Of course, visit Tunza Eco Generation occasionally after your school works. :) Tunza Eco Generation promotes holistic development your academic improvement is important as well as you being an important and contributing citizen to your community and to the world.

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

    • 4. How can I become an Eco-leader?

      • Wanting to be trained to become one of the best ECO-LEADERS of the future? Being an ambassador or not, you can do a lot of things in your very own way, at your very own level. You can generate and collect ideas from other eco-youths in Tunza, and aside from that, you'll get an amazing base of support here from your co-youths all over the planet!

      - Answered by Czarlo Demeterio from the Philippines

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