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Effects of Gas Flaring in Koko, Nigeria

by Patrick Obumselu | 21-08-2019 04:03 recommendations 0 recommendations

Nigeria holds the highest record (19.79%) of natural gas flaring globally and is responsible for about 46 % of Africa’s total gas flared per tonne of oil produced. Until present there are not less than 123 flaring sites in the region making Nigeria one of the highest emitter of green house gases in Africa.The largest proportion of these flare sites are located in the Niger Delta.

Air pollution has been identified as one of the most critical environmental problems confronting the Niger delta Area. Traffic, industry and gas flaring are the major air pollution sources in the region. Impact on socioeconomic, ecosystems health, properties and climate have been linked with the pollution episodes in the area but which requires substantial scientific and empirical evidence. Multiple factors especially lack of equipment, inadequate skilled personnel and poor policy frame work has militated against effective and qualitative air quality studies in the area. To achieve long term goals for the region in this regard that would lead to the overall benefit of the people in the area, there is need therefore to employ a holistic and integrated approach to air pollution management that will involve all the stakeholders.

In order to improve on the current air quality monitoring and assessment programmes in the Niger Delta area there is need to embark on the following:
Develop monitoring mechanisms, regulations and enforcement measures
Institute planning policies to minimize pollution that may be caused by future development. 
Government agencies such as the Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) should collaborate with other multinationals and stakeholders in air pollution management to come up with a comprehensive AQM scheme for the region.
There should be a focus on the reduction of pollution levels from vehicles, industry, gas flaring and domestic burning of timber, to permissible levels as defined in national and international standards.
The impact of air pollution from industrial and vehicular sources on the health of the communities in the region and its biodiversity needs to be researched in-depth.

Gas flaring company in Nigeria Soot in rain water collected in Koko

Patrick Obumselu

  • Nigeria Youth Patrick Obumselu


Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Thanks for sharing such an issue.Really grateful to you.
    Gas flaring is adding fuel to the air pollution .Lets work to mitigate it rather than adapt it.
    Keep writing and shining.
    Posted 16-09-2019 01:41

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