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[Monthly Event] AMAZON stand for :Actions Makes Answer to become a Zesty person with Outburst love in Nature.

by CARLOS OCON DEGAMO JR. | 30-09-2019 22:08 recommendations 4 recommendations

Just like Qwatsinas (hereditary Chief Edward Moody) Nuxalk Nation once said, We must protect the forest for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can`t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.

The Amazon rainforest spans 670 million hectares Between 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon is stored in the Amazon forests and also 34 million people live here and depend on its resources. Amazon rainforest losses  biome averaged 1.4 million hectares per year between 2001 and 2012, resulting in a total loss of 17.7 million hectares, mostly in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. If current situation continue, deforestation could double to 48 million hectares between 2010 and 2030, meaning that more than a quarter of the Amazon life would be without trees .The Amazon rainforest also known as Amazonia or they called it Amazon Jungle it is a moist broadleaf tropical rainforest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America.

The biodiversity of this amazon rainforest was a Wet tropical forests are the most type of biome, and the tropical forests in the Americas are consistently more species rich compare to Africa and Asia. As the largest area of tropical rainforest in the American region, the Amazonian rainforests have incomparable biodiversity. One out of ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon rainforest. This founds the largest assembly of living plants and animal species in the world.

Amazon rainforest is home-grown to about 2.5 million insect species, ranging of thousand and hundreds of plants, and some 2,000 birds and mammals at least 40,000 plant species, 2,200 fishes, 1,294 birds, 427 mammals, 428 amphibians, and 378 reptiles have been technically off the record in the amazon rainforest. One in five of all bird species are found in the Amazon rainforest, and one in five of the fish species live in Amazonian rivers and streams. Experts have defined between 96,660 and 128,843 invertebrate species in Brazil alone.

According to the experts the Amazon Rainforest is to have 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians. Some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest include jaguars, sloths, river dolphins, macaws, anacondas, glass frogs, and poison dart frogs and birds and also contains several species that can pose a hazard Between the largest predatory creatures are the black caiman, jaguar, cougar, and anaconda. In the river, electric eels can produce an electric shock that can stun or kill, while piranha are known to bite and injure humans. Several species of poison dart frogs secrete lipophilic alkaloid toxins through their flesh. There are also numerous parasites and disease vectors. Vampire bats dwell in the rainforest and can spread the rabies virus. Malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever can also be found.

For a long time, we just thought that the Amazonia  was only ever sporadically populated, it was impossible to sustain a large population through agriculture given the poor quality of soil. According to the Archeologist Betty Meggers as a prominent proponent of this idea, she described in her book Amazonia: Man and Culture in a Counterfeit Paradise. She claimed that a population density of 0.2 inhabitants per square kilometre (0.52/sq mi) is the maximum that can be sustained in the rainforest through hunting, with agriculture needed to host a larger population

Amazon fire produce  pollutants as well as particulate matter in air & toxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO3) and non-methane organic compounds into the atmosphere and the added carbon dioxide (CO2) will then also trap heat within our atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect and could change the atmospheric circulation that causes the melting of large ice sheets and many other catastrophic effects of climate change. The number of different species will reduce in number,the endangered species will increase and also will be extinct forever and the quality of our air will change that affect the ozone layer and the climate change. The species only found in amazon will be disappeared forever and not will be recovered or cameback. The economy will also affect the trend due to the what happen in amazon and the agriculture, indigenous people affect their daily lives, food shortage, the pharmaceutical will be affected for the medicinal plants locate in amazon.

Deforestation in amazon rainforest is no longer problem for individual countries to confrontation in parting. It is a vital to have combined rules and intensive action across the region and beyond, as many of the pressures – oil and gas exploration, mining etc. – are global

just like the world wildlife fund do the Amazon rainforest governments to design and implement “zero net deforestation” plans, create awareness of the issues around deforestation, and recognize native peoples and local communities’ rights. Amazon and other administrations to help cross border dialogue, review how encouragement instruments can contribute to the reduction in the rate of deforestation and establish and support the establishment of different types of conservation spaces (e.g. protected areas and indigenous territories). Finance sector and private sector to open dialogues with civil society organizations, local communities, scientific institutions and governments to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard investments in terms of their potential social and environmental impacts.

I hope this will be the eye opener were in we can revive the amazon for the remaining species and protect it from greedy person and save the lives of big and small organism because they have the rights to stay live and to be balance our ecosystem. Plant more trees, establish camaraderie and sympathy, collaboration, helping each others.



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