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Planning a Memorable Spa Day With Your Friends

by Paisley Hansen | 21-01-2022 03:05 recommendations 0

Having a day to pamper yourself is a great way to improve your mental health while relaxing your body. Sharing this time with loved ones makes it even more enjoyable. You can coordinate an event that gets everyone together to experience a moment of self-care while chatting and celebrating with each other. Here are a few steps you can follow as you plan a memorable spa day with your friends. 

Set Up a Budget

Before you make any reservations or hire a specialist to come into your home, take a look at your finances and determine what you can afford to spend on the day. Doing this gives you a dollar figure to compare against the prices at the spa. You should include the extras that you want to provide to your guests such as beverages, bottles of nail polish, or pomegranate lotions. Consider contacting each business to see if they have a group rate and what number of visitors that would entail. This might reduce your cost in the end and make it easier to manage your budget.  

Decide Where You Will Go

Research the shops in your community that offer spa services and note what those options are. Ask for suggestions from your guests of what they would like to do on that day as you search around at places. You can contact the facility and ask questions about their procedures if what you find is less than clear and you want further explanation before you book with them. You should also question how soon you can get your party in and how long the experience will take. Once you find a business that fits into your budget and has what you are looking for, make a reservation for your group. 

Choose a Theme For Your Day

Depending on how many people attend your spa day, you might find there will be one or two guests that will be waiting while the others take a turn at a station. To keep the event fun and upbeat, select a theme for your day then plan activities around it. If your group of friends and family like a particular television show or movie, you can base your party on that program then create games that coordinate with it. If the business allows it, you can set up a snack or beverage table that allows them to make their own concoction and enjoy it while they sit out of the rotation. 

Invite Your Guests

Once everything is set, send out invitations with the date, time, and place you have selected. If you did plan a theme for your party, you can add that to the document that you create to give it an additional decoration and to let your guests know what to expect when they get there. This notice can go to those you ask to come either by postal mail or email. If your friends are active on social media, you can also set up the event on the platform as a reminder of the day. 

Arrange Your Snacks and Beverages

As the day gets closer, choose the refreshments that you will be serving to your guests. Keep in mind that the facility that you will be hosting this party in is tranquil and serene, so you will want snacks and beverages that will reflect this. You should also pick items that take little effort to eat since those who will be enjoying them might have lotion or polish on their hands. Take into account the ages of the people that are coming and, if any are underage, choose a juice or soft drink over alcohol. You can also assemble gift bags with lotions, polishes, or other body care products so that those you invited to spend this time with have something to remember the experience. 


Going to the spa is an ideal way to take care of yourself while having a moment to relax. Setting up a day to enjoy this with your friends allows you to pamper them as well and creates memories together that you can reminisce about for a long time. 

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