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5 Ways to Learn More About Your Kids in 2022

by Paisley Hansen | 21-01-2022 06:59 recommendations 0

It's time for 2022 to arrive. You may have even already planned out your new year's resolutions. Perhaps you are wanting to find a new job or to save up to buy something exciting or to spend more time with your friends and family. Quality time with others is always an excellent goal for any time. If you're a parent, investing in your relationship with your kids is especially important. If that's on your list for the new year, here are five ways that you can learn more about your kids in 2022.

1. Ask Them About Their Day

The easiest way to learn about your kids is to find out how their day went each day. Avoid questions that are too broad, such as "how was your day?" or "what did you learn?" It may overwhelm them and get you the dreaded "survive reviews"- those 2-3 word answers that effectively end the conversation. To get the all-encompassing thrive reviews of their day, try asking your kids about specific parts, such as what their favorite class was that day in school, or how their sports team practice went, or even how they spent their weekend day. You may find that their answers reveal a lot about your kids' personalities.

2. Attend Their Special Events

A great way to learn about the skills that your kids have is to see them in action. Make the time in your schedule to attend their recitals, sports games, competitions, or other special events. Build in time to really celebrate each success or milestone outside of the event. Having a special dinner or party with family or friends are great options for this. Seeing what your kids are capable of may make you even more proud of the people that you're raising them to become. Showing your pride in them will deepen your relationship.

3. Pay Attention to Their Emotions

This one is especially important if you have toddlers or teenagers, but it can apply to any age. Take regular notice of how your kids seem to be feeling. Are they acting stressed out? Are they sleeping or eating differently? Are they acting very excited about an upcoming event or holiday? Behaviors and mannerisms can speak louder than words. Your kids may be trying to tell you something but don't have the words to do so. Paying attention to their emotions can give you important clues as to how they're doing.

4. Spend Time Together

Kids often crave attention from their parents. Make sure that you're taking time as a family regularly. This doesn't have to be a deep or extended time (although vacations are also a great way to reconnect). It can be something as simple as having a family movie night once a month or going out for a special dinner together. Wherever you go, focus on your time together and choose activities that everyone will enjoy.

5. Involve Them in Planning Family Events

Another great way to learn more about your kids is to involve them in the planning for special family events. This may include helping to choose the location for a family vacation, or helping select the menu for a holiday meal, or helping purchase and wrap presents for others on gift-giving occasions. Give your kids age-appropriate ways to take on more responsibility. It'll give them a sense of ownership over the experience, and it'll let you learn more about their favorite parts of each event.

Raising kids is very hard work, and it doesn't get any easier as they get older. If you have the goal of learning more about your kids in 2022, you have many different options for doing so. You can ask about their days, celebrate their successes, spend more quality time together, watch for new or different emotional or behavioral patterns, and involve them in family events that affect them. All of these strategies will help you strengthen your relationship with your kids, as well as help them continue to grow up to be amazing people.


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