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[World Report] Action to Beat Plastic Pollution: Policy and World Environment Day Campaign to Reverse the Tide on Plastic Waste

by Fiona Brown | 31-05-2023 04:06 recommendations 0

World Environment Day is an annual opportunity to showcase environmental issues, and is the largest global platform for environmental outreach (1). The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Beat Plastic Pollution. Plastic waste is a major environmental issue. The manufacturing of plastic is an energy-intensive process that significantly contributes to climate change, and almost all plastics are derived from fossil fuels (2). Every year, 400 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced, with half the plastic produced designed for single use purposes and less than 10% ultimately being recycled (3). Microplastics are also a growing issue, endangering marine life and contaminating water and air (4).


Research conducted while generating a Regional Ambassador report on plastic inspired, and was used to inform, the creation of a policy draft to act on plastic waste and pollution. The policy brief aims to change cycles of unsustainable consumption and production within the manufacturing to recycling process by raising awareness among decision makers and stakeholders to encourage action against plastic waste. A presentation of the research and resulting policy, was created and shared with a global youth climate advocacy organization, as well as an innovative international policy think tank, both of which provided certificates of participation and positive feedback. 



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Photo of Plastic Policy, Presentation, and Certificate for World Environment Day Campaign


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