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Impact the Seagrass Holds

by Minha Kyun | 13-06-2023 11:46 recommendations 0

Seagrass is the only flowering plant living in seawater that exists today. Many aren’t aware of their influence in our life, but it is playing a vital role in slowing down global warming. According to previous studies, seagrass around the world captures carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. It accounts for 10-18% of total ocean carbon storage even though it covers less than 0.1% of the seafloor. This shows its high efficiency when it comes to absorbing the carbon. It also helps to protect the coasts from destructive storms and erosion. Furthermore, seagrass welcomes biodiversity as it provides homes for many fishes and charismatic species, including the endangered animals like sea horses or sea turtles. It is said that globally, 10,000 m2 of seagrass habitat can support 80,000 fish and over a million invertebrates. However, human activities like coastal development, dredging, or careless boating activities are threatening the sparse amount of seagrass meadows. This is becoming significant in many places as the causes aren’t being resolved, only arising more. In Florida’s Gulf Coast, the seagrass meadows are disappearing at an alarming rate. In the UK, up to 92% of seagrass meadows have been lost over the last century. Scientists have estimated that we are losing an area of seagrass equivalent to two football pitches each hour. 

Many organizations like NOC, Live Ocean, and WWF are working to address this problem. WWF—an international non-governmental organization—is currently working with several partners and donors for the biggest restoration project ever undertaken in the UK. They are working in various places like North Wales, The Solent and Isle of Wight, and the Firth of Forth. With the support from various communities and the growing awareness from the citizens, the seagrass could soon spread through the world and keep many animals alive. You can also take part in this journey. 



  • Canada Former E-gen Ambassador Minha Kyun
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