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KEY SPOKESPERSON FOR Environment Exhibition Display ON U.A.E. National Environment Day, Report from Simran Vedvyas- Dubai United Arab Emirates

by Simran Vedvyas | 28-02-2012 13:23 recommendations 0 recommendations

U.A.E. National Environment Day -Living Desert

On 4th of February 2012, the UAE celebrated the 15th National Environment Day 2012 ; theme the ¿Living Desert¿ under the auspices of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi. Celebrations aimed at educating the public on the importance of conserving the UAE's natural heritage, and protecting the desert from pollution, especially the adverse impacts of plastic bags on the desert.

In this regard, Sheikha Latifah Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum for childhood creativity organized an Environment Exhibition Display that took place on 8th February 2012 at the Ladies Club, Deira, Dubai UAE

I was chosen to be the key spokesperson and represent the school and display my work along with the work done some of our other Green Team Members and we got an opportunity to learn and share work of other UAE schools teams ( like a peacock made from disposable spoons which I have attached in pictures ). There was media and press releases about the event too and my comments with photograph were published in the local Arabic Daily Newspaper "Al Khaleej" too

The officials from UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality motivated the students and appreciated their work.

I had put on display some of my beautiful art and craft work done using waste material like pencil shavings, old broken pots, old tiles, attractive flowers made using old torn stockings. I had also illustrated some remarkable environment icons and the display of ¿Saving Water¿ as it is Valuable¿ was much appreciated by the officials from UAE Ministry of Environment and Water and was awarded an Appreciation Gift Pack. My school was also awarded a Trophy for the participation.

There were 21 other schools who exhibited their work too.

We all need to share our knowledge and wisdom and inspire each other.

We are Proud to be in U.A.E. and Care for our Environment!


Reported and Pictures by

Simran Vedvyas

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  • United Arab Emirates E-gen Ambassador Simran Vedvyas


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