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Harnessing Solar Energy - TURANOR solar boat at World Future Energy Summit

by Kehkashan Basu | 29-02-2012 04:17 recommendations 0 recommendations

The depletion of fossil fuels combined with the fact that usage of these fuels causes tremendous pollution has made the search for a viable alternate fuel extremely relevant in today's date . At the recently concluded World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi,which I attended as UAE's TUNZA representative , I paid special attention to understanding the concept behind the display of the TURANOR solar powered boat . Built by Planet Solar , this is the world's first solar powered boat which is going to circumnavigate the globe.Driven by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine that is powered exclusively by solar energy , this boat has two objectives. The first one is to show that current technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency are reliable and effective and the second is to advance scientific research in the field of renewable energy. Imbibing the concepts at the World Future Energy Summit has helped me to transfer the same to other students during the workshops that I conduct on sustainability.
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