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Cameroon facing the Climate Change Phenomenom

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The Planet nowadays is suffering from many environmental issues among which is climate change which is as a result of the Global Warming touching the world. Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the oceans and atmosphere, both observed and predicted. The surface temperature of Earth depends on a balance of incoming and outgoing heat. When the outgoing heat, or energy, exceeds incoming energy, an ice age occurs. Global Warming results when incoming energy levels are greater than outgoing energy levels. Climate Change is ranked among the top 10 Environmental issues and it is the most controversial and political of the 10. A majority of climate scientists are declaring that Climate Change is as a result of current man activities which help to raise the temperature of the Globe.

To describe man?s own share in Climate change, the increase in greenhouse gases, which are gases that trap or absorb infrared radiation emitted from the planet has greatly influenced Climate Change on the Globe. Also, the burning of Fossil Fuels is also a man-made cause, Carbon dioxide is the most significant cause of Global Warm. Most Carbon dioxide result from the burning of fossil fuels, whenever a fossil fuel burns, and the level of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises. Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared energy emitted from the earth, preventing it from returning to space. For the world to better survive nowadays, we have introduced Electricity, Electricity production is also a factor for Climate Change. A case for example in United States of America, the burning of fossil fuels for Electricity generation accounts for 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the Atmosphere, this is really serious because by creating electricity, we are putting ourselves in a crucial situation. Coal is the largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions. Similar to that, we also have the use of Automobiles for transportation, this is part of human?s life, and these automobiles emit a lot of harmful gases which account for Climate Change. We will not end these causes without talking about Deforestation and its role in Climate Change. We all know that all living plants have that capacity to absorb Carbon dioxide in order to release Oxygen which is beneficial for Man, with the cutting of trees and the percentage of Deforestation which is rising each day, The Carbon dioxide becomes free because there is no living plant which is capable of absorbing, and it increases in the atmosphere.

We will not cite the causes of Climate Change without taking into account it effects on the world. Higher temperatures will cause changes in plant and crop life, which will in turn help in decreasing food supplies in the world and we all know how food supplies are important in the world. This will bring about famine and poverty causing a rise in death rate. Also, climate change will increase the rate of some diseases such as malaria and also frequent hurricanes.

As action taken in my country for Climate Change, we will note here that Cameroon is part of the REDD+ countries. What is REDD+? It means reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. This is a framework through which developing countries are rewarded financially for any emissions reductions achieved associated with a decrease in the conversion of forest to alternate land uses. After identifying the percentage of deforestation, a country should take remedies in order to effectively reduce the rate of Deforestation and Desertification. During my internship program in summer 2015, I worked on that project in the region of the North. We toured some villages and tried to get more information, We got those information from Chief of villages, Head of Forestry zones, We realised that the number of trees was decreasing in a drastic way, so we took information and send it to the authorities in order for them to take remedial actions against these environmental issues.

Also on the 28th of September 2015 in Bonn, Cameroon submitted its new climate action plan to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This action plan was contained in the Intended Nationally Determined Convention which brings about advance methods to fight against Climate Change. Hereby Cameroon joins 85 parties in fighting against Climate Change.

I think after the end of this article, we will note that Climate Change is a danger of the environment and our lives. So, concrete actions should be taken in order to contain the rising temperature which influences negatively our Environment and lives.

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  • says :
    Wow! happy to know that Cameroon is also a member of REDD+ countries (Nepal is also). I can feel the positive vibe in standing against climate change. I am hopeful the INDC of Cameroon is ambitious.
    Thank you for updating dear Daniel :)
    Posted 21-10-2015 14:49

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    Thanks for sharing with us about what Cameroon intend to do regarding the issue. Keep it up mate =)
    Posted 11-10-2015 00:14

  • says :
    Good one
    Posted 10-10-2015 07:55

  • says :
    Good one
    Posted 10-10-2015 07:41

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Climate Change is the most serious and challenging issue world is facing today and all nations must put action plans in place to mitigate and fight it . Thanks for sharing your region's plan.
    Posted 10-10-2015 06:31

  • says :
    Thank you for reporting about action taken by your country on climate change.
    Posted 10-10-2015 04:32

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Well informed, All the best to Cameroon for fulfilling its New Climate action plan.
    Posted 09-10-2015 19:43

  • says :
    Informative.. Keep updating
    Posted 09-10-2015 16:15

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