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"Eco-run" organized in Bangladesh

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As a first for Bangladesh, engineering students designed and manufactured fuel-efficient cars in a unique competition in Dhaka on Friday named the Eco-run project. It was sponsored by WALTON.

ECO-RUN is a Japanese concept of fuel-efficient car design that focuses on ?distance per liter fuel, not speed?.


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) jointly organized the ?ECORUN 2013? to promote the fuel efficient cars in Bangladesh.

The BUET team MARCUS stood first, in the three-wheeler category, followed by the Rajshahi University of Engineering Technology?s (RUET) AVENGERS while Chittagong University of Engineering Technology?s (CUET) XR WAGON came out third.

In the four-wheeler category, BUET?s NYPTA 8 stood first while CUET?s PROTOTYPE became second and RUET?s GRAFINGE third.


According to a JICA media release, 15 teams from six engineering universities and colleges contested in the event aimed to promote vehicles that do not emit pollutants.

The Convener of ECO-RUN 2013 National Steering Committee Professor Md Ehsan said they would try to organize such ?ECO-RUN? every year considering both fuel efficiency and market needs of Bangladesh.

He expected that by improving bit by bit, all the teams that ?failed or succeeded? will create their own success stories and inspire others.

He was hopeful that young engineers will take their own initiative next time and continue this ?noble and creative? event.

?Someday cars made in Bangladesh will rule the vehicle world and ECO-RUN will be the first step towards that road,? he said.

Organizers say the contest enabled students as well as engineers to become part of an instant workforce for the car-making industries as they designed and made the vehicles all by themselves.

*Adapted From the JICA press release.


#The 3-wheelers (according to winning position)

#The champion 4-wheeler.


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  • says :
    nice car
    Posted 26-06-2013 01:30

Dharmendra Kapri

  • says :
    Mahnisur, it's really informative
    Posted 07-06-2013 21:52

  • says :
    Nice models of cars

    Posted 29-05-2013 03:31

  • says :
    Thanks for sharing such valuable information among us.
    Posted 28-05-2013 00:47

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Nice scientific efforts!
    Posted 27-05-2013 09:43

  • says :
    Thank you for additional input :-)
    Posted 27-05-2013 09:35

  • says :
    Really nice!!!!
    Posted 26-05-2013 20:10

  • says :
    The 3-wheeler... look nice. Thanks for sharing Mahsinur
    Posted 25-05-2013 15:52

  • says :
    @Christy: Well.....actually faster cars results in more Eco-friendliness...........Various speed modifications like:: The EFI fuel system, the turbocharger-supercharger, The Hot & Cold Air Intakes results in both speed and Eco-friendliness..........................\m/
    Posted 25-05-2013 01:32

  • says :
    @Smriti-Arushi: ThanQ
    Posted 25-05-2013 01:25

  • says :
    Eco-run. wow what an innovation. thanks for sharing
    Posted 25-05-2013 00:01

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Nice to know, thanks for sharing Mahsinur.
    Posted 24-05-2013 22:10

  • says :
    Wow thank you for sharing this interesting news! It looks really fun!
    I feel great when I see the paradigm of car is shifting from speed to eco-friendly. :D
    Posted 24-05-2013 14:32

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