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[World] Roles and status at COP21 of the countries

by Eco Generation | 11-12-2015 17:39 Comments 9 Comments

roles and status at COP21 of your country
Dear members,

Time really flies and it's already December!
In this month, we would like to talk about the <Roles and status at COP21 of your country>.
Though we have already dealt with the efforts to mitigate climate change, we want to know what was the position of each country in the COP21 Paris.
We hope you enjoy reading these Ambassador reports.

Region Writer Title
Algeria by Abdessamad B Roles and Status of Algeria at COP21
Algeria by Sara Zara the roles and status at COP21 of Algeria
Brazil by Luiz Bispo |BRAZIL| COP21
Caemroon by Djonrewang Tabouli Daniel Ange COP 21 Paris: Roles and Status of Cameroon
Ghana by Joshua Amponsem  The status of Ghana at COP21
Indonesia by Ni Putu Wulan Romianingsih Indonesia and COP 21
Indonesia by Patricia Goeyardi  Indonesia and COP 21
Malaysia by RAKEESH RADHAKRISHNAN  Malaysia commits to retain 50% of forest cover after COP 21 deal
Nepal by Bindu Bhandari  Climate Change, Nepal and COP21
Nepal by Sujan Adhikari COP21 and Position of Nepal
Nigeria by UDEH CHIAGOZIE  AFDB President Lights Up Africa at the COP 21
Nigeria by UDEH CHIAGOZIE  Nigeria at the COP21 in Paris
North America by Nitish Bhatt  COP 21 - Roles and Status of North American Nations
Seychelles by Lisa Bastienne COP21- Where did Seychelles stand?
South Korea by Daniel Kim Role and status of Korea in COP21
Sweden by Yuna Tae Sweden's High-Level Group and three active plans at COP21
UAE by Arushi Madan UAE affirms support at COP21
UAE by Harmanjot Kaur Role and status of UAE at COP21
UAE by Humaid Habeeb COP 21 And The UAE
UAE by Manav Jha Role and status of UAE at COP 21
UAE by Mohit Talreja Roles and Status at COP21 of UAE
UAE by Raunak Kapur Undeterred support & commitment of UAE @ COP21
UAE by Raunak Kapur Great Success for UAE @ COP21
UAE by Rohan Kapur Roles & Status of COP21 of UAE

* List will be updated daily. 
* Attn Ambassadors, if you cannot find your report on this list, please let us know.

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Eco Generation

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    Nice work by the ambassadors. Please keep it up
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